Last week a new food truck made its debut at the UN Plaza Off the Grid event. But not the usual taco, noodles or sandwich business. This one offers all sorts of ice-creams (soft, hard, old-fashioned or in a sandwich–basically the “Folsom Street Special“), as well as milkshakes and fruitsicles. It’s called Twirl and Dip, and today we caught it at the Civic Center Off the Grid, looking all tempting and delicious:

But if you don’t want to wait for the Off the Grid events, or don’t want to be seen in public waiting to get a cup of ice-cream because you know someone will put you up on Facebook doing that shit, there’s an alternative:

Yes, Jebena now has “gelato in [not on] the back”. If that sounds like it could be many flavors of awesome, then you should go check it out despite our new-found cold weather. If it sounds kinky, check it out as well. We live to thrill in this hood.