While I’m generally all for trying, I have no idea why those powers that be are trying to “spruce up” Hallidie Plaza with these banners. There were a number of them last week, but it appears that this is the last one now. I guess that they’re trying to celebrate some recent landscaping work that went on, which has left this plaza pretty much the same way, it’s always been: a sad, sad gateway to San Francisco for those arriving on public transportation.

The [ahem] homeless guys selling the StreetSheet and/or just bumming for change are still there. That sad looking cable car cafe thing is still there. And most importantly, the 213th Shitting Congress (also known as the native Hallidie pigeon flock) is still there. I can’t really tell what has changed that necessitated the installation of these banners.

There is a solution for this 1973 sweat stain of a station entrance which was covered here. The plan that John King outlines in the link on that article is a mighty good one and makes me sigh every time I hop out of the Bart and head in to the Loin, which quite honestly, I find more welcoming than Hallidie Plaza.