All things food and news have been buzzing about Pearl’s Burgers coming to 6th & Market. Having eaten at their delicious spot on Post at Jones, I most definitely approve this move. These guys make a tasty burger and having another spot to eat at on the opposite end of the Tenderloin is going to be great.

Something that hasn’t gotten as much press lately is the new hostel that’s been approved to go in to the old Grant Building which sits at 7th & Market as reported on SF Curbed way back in January and Grubstreet more recently. And this is actually a more crucial thing to happen than Pearl’s opening up. As shown by the hostel on Ellis at Larkin, tourists want a cheap place to stay when visiting San Francisco, which the ‘hotel district’ in no way offers. People stay at that hostel in great abundance and they frequent the areas around it.

Once the hostel at 7th & Market opens, the same thing is going to happen. It will bring much needed foot traffic that will in turn fund business and grow the mid-Market area more than anything that City Hall tries to do in an official capacity. In their defense, most government efforts to clean up this stretch are met with vocal homeless zealots advocates screaming, “That’s divide and conquer! They’re trying to split up the poor to push them out!” in reference to the Tenderloin and the area immediately south of Market being where apparently every low income person in SF lives. When this is often said, I’m left scratching my head and wondering, how in the hell is revitalizing empty buildings pushing out the poor? We’re supposed to just leave buildings to rot in the name of some kind of homeless policy that is ultimately self-defeating?

I think that they mean to say that businesses coming in to the area will focus on the problem that the homeless industry in the Tenderloin has carved out a nice little corner in the city that it wants to keep economically repressed and how dare anyone come in and create a sustainable neighborhood without their approval.

I greet these new projects and welcome more. The vacant building blight that affects this area is an big embarrassment when Market should really be the grand boulevard and heart of our city.

Picture of the Grant Building by Mark Ellinger of Up from the Deep