Photographer and Tenderblog friend Alyssa Jones, whose Twitter always cracks us up, took a little tour of the Tenderloin today with her camera in tow (possibly or possibly not in stealth) and posted the pictures in her blog. As it turns out, we discovered that beyond her Twitter, her blog cracks us up too. Here’s how she introduces her photographic tour:

Lately, I have been so busy slangin’ coffee, watching all the seasons of 30 Rock on Netflix, and saving the world, that I haven’t had much time to photograph. So today, instead of masturbating furiously to free porn (thanks!), I decided to take my short gay ass down to the Tenderloin for a photography adventure. Here be the fruit of my loins… in the loin (OH SNAP!).

Here are a couple of pictures, captioned by her, which are a sample of the two dozens you can see over in her awesome blog:

Something gross happened here…

The TL is so busy making bossy signs that it forgot to REFILL THE FUCKING CANDY MACHINE.. ..I know, it made me sad too.

I always forget that there are multiple parks in the loin. It makes sense because there are a shit ton of families living in this area, it just never crosses my mind. Maybe because im not 8, or maybe because im not a child molester. If you ARE a child molester, check out this sweet spot, perfect for viewing the kiddies playing..

Go check Alyssa Jones’ blog now and learn about her sightings of homeless accommodations, the puzzling graffiti and the bossy signs she saw, her fear of crammed thrift stores, the Converse shoes she bought for a mere $5, her encounters with pie pumpkins, and the surprise she found inside a dress abandoned on the sidewalk on Polk street.