It what appears to be another reminder of our mortality, a fire broke out this morning at around 5:20AM at 824 Hyde Street between Sutter & Bush. If this seems like a repeat of news, it’s because there was a fire at 550 Leavenworth just three days ago. The difference being that this fire was massively larger and had enveloped the entire building by the time the fire department responded.

From all appearances, while the fire is contained, this four story, eight unit building built in 1915 is a complete and total loss. The fire apparently spread incredibly fast as people in the street had nearly nothing on, showing that they ran from their units as fast as they could. The fire was even endangering the structures next to 824 Hyde. This resulted in a complete closure of Hyde as well as Sutter within the vicinity of the fire which made it difficult to approach, even on foot.

From searches, it doesn’t appear that any official construction work had been done to the building recently and it was overheard from a police officer handling crowd control that the cause of the fire is immediately “suspicious” ie, some form of arson. We’ll have to see what the official reports state.

Our thoughts to our neighbors who are suddenly homeless and we hope that Red Cross is better able to coordinate their shelter efforts than with the last fire. Hopefully this will be the last one of these as we have seriously no interest in being TenderFire.

> Update 8:30am

You can see some footage of the fire above (via the SF Appeal). Also, KCBS reports that most of the folks displaced by this fire were Academy of Art students. They all seem to be overall fine.

The first six pictures were taken at 5:30am, the last five at 8am.