The other day I passed by the Lorraine Hansberry Theater‘s offices on Jones between Sutter and Post, and I saw this sign.

Apparently they’re looking for singers, dancers and/or actors for their gospel production of the Nativity for Christmas, which they call ‘A joyful noise’. In case you can’t read the sign, the auditions will be this Friday and Saturday, but you have to make an appointment beforehand. You’ll have to sing two songs, one of which has to be a gospel or Christmas song. While I was taking this picture, one of the directors of the LHT came out to tell me that you don’t have to be black to audition, although they’re a black theater. In fact, he informed me that last year about 30% of their actors in the production were non-black and it was one of their best shows.

The Lorraine Hansberry Theater was founded in 1981 and specializes in original stagings and revivals of African-American theatre. You might remember their conflict with the Academy of Art three years ago, which of course resulted in the latter taking over their building to use as a gym for their sports teams, the Urban Knights (ha ha ha, oh such a funny pun…) As to why an art “university” needs varsity sports is mystery that undoubtedly only Elisa Stephens and her business partner, Satan know the answer to. So, due to the crap-ass eviction, the LHT mostly rents other spaces for their performances. For example, their Christmas Nativity production will take place up at Fort Mason.