Yes. It is here again. In view of the huuuuuge success of the first one, we are putting the call out for another TenderNight before we all get boggy and soggy with the quickly-approaching holidays. This time, we’re going to do a Drinkup, which much as the name implies, means we the TenderAuthors and you the TenderReaders meeting up with some TenderBooze for a good time.

We’re working with the ever-so-awesomely-cool gang running Koko Cocktails to come up with a drink special for the evening, which… is admittedly a bit redundant as all of Koko’s drinks are special in their own unique ways (“Smoked Weed” anyone?)

  • The date? November 18th
  • The time? 6-8PM (it is a school night after all)
  • The place? Koko Cocktails at 1060 Geary (at Van Ness)

There’s a bit of room for small acts to perform, so if you want to strut your stuff while we quaff to our hearts’ content, drop a line. And yes, RSVP is in the house.