A very serious, two alarm fire broke out this morning at around 8:30AM in the Colonade Apartments at 550 Leavenworth Street. We came across it, burning in full glory while walking down to the Farmers’ Market. Amazingly, there weren’t any injuries or fatalities and the fire department was working to control the blaze when we showed up.

Despite their efforts it appears that one apartment on the second floor as well as the one on the floor above it were a total loss. No idea as to the cause just yet, although it has been ruled as “suspicious” by SFFD which would point to some kind of dumbass move that one person in the comments stated could be “a drug cooking mishap“. Awesome…

The Red Cross was on the scene and gave temporary accommodations to those displaced by the fire. These people might have been partially comprised of a group of barefoot Loinsters in homey clothes we saw watching the flames with sadness, while holding a cat in a pet carrier. Everybody else was morbidly voyeuristically taking tons of pictures and videos (including us) and offering up unwarranted, armchair quarterback advice to the SFFD (surprisingly, as we’re smartasses, not us). Just for future notice gang, our firefighters have a pretty damned good idea of when to turn on the water.

Naturally, being the high-end news source that we are (and you’ve come to expect), we have a slew of shots below to capture the “during” and “after” of this building from 1915 getting quite ruined by the fire. The “after” we might add, is what the “official news” was only covering as they showed up pretty late in the game.

We also received photos from TenderReader etslee, which you can view here.

> Update 9:30pm

According to the SF Appeal, the Red Cross has established a shelter for about 26 residents displaced by the fire at the City of Refuge building at 1025 Howard Street. They’ll provide food, shelter and counseling services until residents can return home or find alternative housing.

Anyone interested in volunteering time or making a donation for those affected by the fire may contact 1-888-4-HELP-BAY.