• If San Francisco is like “a wiry guy in his late thirties who may or may not have had a drug problem”, who would the Tenderloin be? [Lapham’s Quarterly]
  • Sadly, no more ballroom dancing on Ellis street [Curbed SF]
  • District 6 “is not faced with the question of whether to develop, but instead in what way.” [SF Examiner]
  • A love of omelets brings an actress and a car dealer together to open a Comedy Club, at the mezzanine of the AMC Van Ness building [SFist]
  • One of the my favorite buildings in the neighborhood, the Rossmoor, used to be called Macbeth [Up from the deep]
  • Some great things still only cost $1! [Loin Life]
  • For those of you still hitting up the McDonald’s on Van Ness at Golden Gate every once in a while, this is so terrifying you wish it was a rat problem [Eater]
  • The SF Guardian Angels take the Bart for a night patrol in the TL, clean up some crack pipes & dirty needles and find 1/4 oz of cocaine. Bonus? [SF Guardian Angels blog]

Photo from the SF Guardian Angels blog