I’m in a love-hate relationship with the Clipper, which generally drifts towards love (such as not having to carry proper bills for the bus or wait in line to buy tickets) that is then spanked by hate in how Clipper is dealt with by the transit systems. Gripe-in-point is the gate at Powell Station. I’m often down there and when I’m not arguing with the “homeless” guys harassing people for “a little help” I sometimes even take the Bart.

It’s beyond me why they try to maintain two way traffic in a space that doesn’t really allow it, but this one gate simply doesn’t like the Clipper cards. Regular tickets, sure, but Clipper use typically gets a big giant Fail. To that end, they decided to “fix” the problem by putting a sign on the Clipper pad. Genius. Keep that in mind the next time your pants get a hole or if you need to change the oil on your car. A sign. They “fix” everything and in this case, go a long way to show that Clipper is still an unfinished project. At least they rounded the corners of the sign to spiff it up some.