The Tenderblog Editor

To quote our dear toke-n-tweeter, Hi, I’m Kevin, we are such, such assholes. Oh, before some of you nodding your heads in agreement think, “Finally, those assholes have admitted it. This is a great day”, let me specify that we are assholes because of our coverage. You see, we get contacted with story leads for any number of things, but really, we don’t get to all of them.

Sure, its seems like we think that we’re super cool and don’t need to cover everything. But, that’s not the case primarily because we’re in no way cool (I keep a shaking cane by the window for those youngsters down the road) but also because we just don’t have the time to be everywhere interviewing everyone/eating/listening/attending/judging everything.

So, we’re putting out the call: Come write for Tenderblog!

Yes, the Tenderblog wants you and you know you want it too. Also, we’re easy. Wanna crosspost to your blog? Fine! Wanna crosspost to photos on your Flickr stream? Also fine! Wanna send us pictures of your genitalia? That’s not really fine whatsoever…

The pay is very small [nothing] and the rewards questionable [being called asshole in the comments] but the fame and glory are abundant [we do have two fans]. So if you want to cover the hottest neighborhood in San Francisco that just keeps getting hotter, then contact us to be part of the baddest, meanest blogging gangs in town. I mean, we beat Muni Diaries at croquet nearly half the time! Who wouldn’t want to be part of this?