“You don’t have to be good to succeed. You just gotta be the least shitty option. Example: We’re eating at The Olive Garden.”

The quote above from Shit My Dad Says is easily and most aptly applied to politics at large. That being what it may and with many of you dear readers asking who we endorse for the District 6 Supervisor race, we’d like to say that we officially dis-endorse everyone.

You can view the whole list here, but from Superbaggers, to grumpy pants, to wishy washy politics, to annoying endorsements, to being the new pawn for the Tenderloin Housing Clinic, to gettin’ high, to lettin’ your cheese fly in the wind, it’s not really an incredibly awesome list of folks, even with there being a ridiculous 14 of them.

But, someone has to win, so kinda like the poll that liveSOMA put up on the 4th, we’re putting out one of our own for everyone to vote for the Least Shitty District 6 Candidate:

* Read up on the Walker/Kim/Shaw Show

Note that this has no legal or real-world bearing whatsoever and should be taken with a grain of salt. While duplicate votes won’t be counted, someone could easily fix the poll and if we track down fixing from a specific candidate’s camp, we will most certainly call you out.