In case you didn’t know, today was a very cool day. Not only was it the last day of the most annoying, noisiest event of the year, but it was 10/10/10, quite an unusual date. People around the world have been celebrating it with “positive actions on climate change“. But in the Tenderloin we instead celebrated World Homeless Day (which takes place every year on October 10) with a “Creative Housing Liberation“. More specifically, a seven story building at 587 Eddy street (at the corner with Larkin) was taken over by housing advocates who were protesting the fact that it has been vacant for two years (the SF Citizen has more details about the ownership of the building).

I’m not sure which organization initiated it, but I saw people from a few different homeless and housing non-profits. Also, by the time I got there I had missed most of the action: the building had already been occupied and the police had re-opened the street, letting Muni buses pass normally again. Overall, the whole thing seemed pretty peaceful in spite of the heavy police presence, and the landlord was nowhere to be seen. Even the photographers that had gathered were starting to clear out (although the ever-present Steve Rhodes was still there by the time I left, bored).

In case you’re in to tame anarchism, below are a few pictures I snapped. Oh, and also a 30 second video shot with my phone, that puts some motion to the block party that was going on after the occupation of the building.

>Update 10/11/10

While taking photos of the scene, I met this very nice guy named Victor Castillo who had been there from the beginning. He just sent a link to the full set of pictures he took, which you can view here in Picasa (including the one above).