Yesterday afternoon, as I was happily returning home after some Senor Sisig pork goodness, I saw this on Leavenworth at Golden Gate avenue.

This dude was forcibly distributing free Bibles to the people hanging out in the street, which happen to be quite a few on that particular corner. About half of them stopped to get some because hey, free stuff. While I was taking the picture above with my phone he tried to give me one too, but I told him I already had one at home. The guy seemed nice, so I didn’t have the heart to tell him that my only Lord is Grilled Cheesus and that this was probably the closest I had been to a Bible in… ever.

This guy, Ron from Santa Cruz, informed me that he comes ‘down’ to the Tenderloin (we are north of Santa Cruz, no?) every once in a while to spread the word of God. He’s gone to other areas of town like the Financial District but nowhere people are as receptive to his Bible-giving than in the TL. People who are destitute, he said, understand that we are nothing, God is everything…. and some more blahblahblah that I forgot because the man was talking a lot and extremely fast, like a preacher with a full audience (I was just half-heartedly nodding, paying my price for the picture I had snapped).

As I was leaving, he insisted I take a coin with the Ten Commandments so I always have them in my pocket. As I look at it now for this post, I realize it also has a mashup of verses in the back followed by a website:, with with a homepage that asks if you are “good enough to go to heaven”.

I can’t help but wonder why does everybody think that the people in the Tenderloin need saving, instead of more jobs, less drugs, economic development, clean and safe streets, parks, proper grocery stores or less noise. Just to name a few, although the amount of trannies at Divas is probably at perfectly tenable levels.