I noticed that everywhere I travel I find lots of Australians either as expats or tourists, so that might explain why we have so many Australian shoe options available in the downtown area. Also, maybe European tourists find them ‘exotic’? Is it just the sloppy Lindsay Lohan inside clothes outdoors thing? Or is there something I’m missing in the Australian shoe front?

So we have the official Ugg store on Sutter at Stockton, as well as the Australia Fair on Bush at Jones for a few more boot choices. Now the Australian shoe horizons are expanding with a new store in the Tenderloin, set to open in about two weeks.

I noticed the work happening in this space next to the Geary Club yesterday. It sort of looked like it could be a new art gallery, so naturally I stopped to ask the guys working there for some details. As we were talking, the owner came in and introduced himself as Sergio. I quickly learned that he’s Mexican, but his girlfriend is Australian, and his store will specialize uniquely on Australian shoes both for men and women.

What I found the most interesting is the name he chose. He told me he didn’t want something super trendy and modern sounding, especially because it’s a historical building with its own character. So he decided to call it El Candelabro, which (yes, you’ve guessed it) means The Candelabra. Obviously, he’ll bring in a big, antique candelabra to preside on the store. Because who doesn’t like candelabra when purchasing shoes, right?