A few weeks ago, Twitter friend Dalbizo sent us this picture of Barack O’Puppy for Doggie of the Week, which we inexcusably forgot to post.

He’s a Jack Russell/Whippet who got his name when he was born on Election Day November 4 two years ago. According to this bio, written when he was only 6 months:

His mission apparently is to share himself with everybody! At 6 months he already has joined tap dancers in their routine at the world famous cable-car turn around, skateboards with the youngsters at the city library, visits bigger and older dogs in the city parks, stops for a smile and a lick to all the homeless and inebriated, is a automatic ladies charmer and hangs out with the boys!

He also loves tennis balls with passion, and his birthday is coming up soon. So if you see him wandering around the Tenderloin one of these days, that would be an appropriate gift (just sayin’).

If you want your own doggie to love and spoil rotten with tennis balls, take a look at all these little adoptable fellas at the SPCA website.