It’s like a bullet flying out of the gun shot by a dame you shouldn’t have trusted. Heading westward from Jones to Van Ness is a new microhood in the Tenderloin we’re dubbing, “The Gimlet”. While the Loin is well-known for being a verdant booze oasis, there has been something of a liquor renaissance along this hallowed corridor known to most as “38 Boulevard” or the “Look at my striped shirt! District”.

Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of quite lovable watering holes such as High Tide, The Ambassador, RJ’s, The Geary Club, Outsiders, and Edinburgh Castle to name a few. But in between these are spots that aspire to the all too trendy drink craft and mixology that’s sweeping the city. Naturally, the difference with spots such as Koko Cocktails, Whiskey Thieves, Rye, and (just round the way on Geary) Bourbon & Branch is that they serve up some tasty drinks without the bitter twinge of bullshit, especially in our unabashedly blatant favorite, Koko.

But why “The Gimlet” for this MiniTender? Many reasons, such as the obvious one that it’s the name of a cocktail and cocktails are here aplenty. Then of course it’s a drink loved in the world of hardboiled noir, which Dashiell Hammett had the good sense to have some of his works take place not only in SF, but also in the Tenderloin. The Gimlet is mentioned and was basically made famous by Raymond Chandler’s novels as well. But probably more than anything both Geary and Gimlet start with the letter G, which allows anyone completely drunk the ability to remember this chunk of town when catching a cab/walking it off.

All hail the MiniTender of The Gimlet!

>Update 10/5

To honor this (somewhat controversial) MiniTender, the awesome folks at Koko Cocktails (we can’t praise them enough, I hope y’all have been there already) are going to have a special Gimlet Tuesday tonight. Which means they’ll have a mystery gimlet (to be determined at 5 pm) for only $4. We’re so there!