I don’t know why the corner of O’Farrell and Hyde was such a popular hangout spot today, but not only I saw a pigeon party and a very interesting sidewalk sale, it seems that Jane Kim had one of her gimmicky listening booths (I can’t help but think of Lucy’s on Peanuts) between 12 and 1:30pm. Although we somehow missed it despite being there for that whole time, here’s a picture from her Facebook page:

When we asked her later, via Twitter, about the questions people asked she said her favorite was by a guy who said he wasn’t voting for her because of being Chinese (she’s Korean). She also said some people complained about poo in the streets and loud sirens, which we can totally agree with. Naturally, while it’s awesome that she’s listening (who doesn’t like a sympathetic ear for his/her problems?), we’ve also had our ears open for awhile to hear more convincing reasons to vote for her other than being a bass player in a band, bustin’ a move to Ol’ Dirty, and supposedly living on $6,000 a year in this city.

At around 1:30, right after Jane had left that busy corner, we saw Glendon “Anna Conda” Hyde campaigning with a couple of volunteers. They were stopping at every shop and business, and were distributing some flyers. Do you remember that ‘suited up’ photographer we saw a couple of weeks back with Jim Meko? Well, he’s back and this time he was holding an Anna Conda sign! By the way, would it kill Glendon to suit up in Anna Conda glory every once in a awhile?