On Tuesday we told you about mural artist, Mike Kershnar creating a big piece on a side wall of The Art Institute of California this week, visible from the passageway that goes from MacAllister street to the fountain at the UN Plaza. The mural was supposed to be finished last night after four days of work. Here’s how it looked yesterday afternoon from the outside, close to being finished:

After a couple of failed attempts to actually go inside the hallway of the building to talk to Mike about his work (that Art Institute is better protected than my bank), I finally managed to sneak in and catch up with him. After a couple of unpleasant experiences with other mural artists working in this neighborhood in the past, I wasn’t expecting him to be so friendly and talkative, so I hadn’t brought my video camera. This meant that I ended up recording his description of the piece in shitty phone-quality. It’s just two minutes so watch anyway:

The mural has amazing, vibrant colors, and since he used some silver and splashes of fluorescent paint, it’s also beautiful at night. He said he chose to illustrate the lifecycle of the hummingbird, from birth to death, to the light and then rebirth, hope and peace, inspired by the neighborhood. He wanted to do something radiant, uplifting, that would brighten up the day of passersby – who, in this area, are in particular need of positive energy.

And if you liked it as much as we did, here are some pictures of Mike working on the finishing touches of the mural. Do make sure to check it out when you’re around the Civic Center/UN Plaza area.