I’ve seen plenty of abandoned couches on the sidewalks of San Francisco, in all shapes, forms and colors. But I hadn’t seen an abandoned futon, probably because they’re from hell (try sleeping in one for more than a weekend) and people keep them until they disintegrate in to futonic dust. Then yesterday, on Leavenworth, one appeared and it was in quite a good condition, I might add.

On my way back home a couple of hours later, I saw that somebody had probably adopted the futon frame but had left the mattress behind.

Admittedly the difference between sleeping on a futon frame with or without the mattress is negligible, especially when in a used state, but then I saw this on Post street: two mattresses thoroughly wrapped up in plastic, sealed with tape and with signs that read ‘Bedbug infested’. That explained it all in that now there is a chance you can get blood-sucking insects from a used mattress (as opposed to just sleeping on another person’s former fluids) people aren’t taking any chances.

Poor couches and beds, who’s going to want them now after this recent epidemic?