Yes, yes, UK journalists, the Tenderloin isn’t the prettiest part of San Francisco. And yes, we DO have delicious Indian and Pakistani food, just like back home. But if you BBC-trained poufs can take some time off from eating enormous sandwiches, touring strip clubs and finding a ‘date’, you might see that the Tenderloin is a pretty awesome hood with some hometown pride. Witness this story from local ladyblogger Foxylibrarian:

While I was riding my bike to work through the heart of the Tenderloin… the chain popped off my gears. Two men loitering and passing a bottle back and forth on the corner ran up and expertly replaced the chain on the gear and provided me with a very patient and informative lecture about how to shift properly. They also waved away my attempts to pay them. Thank you to them!

Foxylibrarian–rowr!–also mentioned in her post a pet peeve of mine: oblivious people reading or playing music while sitting in the front MUNI seats reserved for the elderly and disabled. I don’t like giving up my seat anymore than anyone else, but I have given it to a super-preggers, about-to-pop woman while a 20-something dude next to me just kept nodding his head to the beat. Another time, I saw a blonde in a Juicy Couture (aka Juicy Cooter) track suit chatting on her phone while a man leaning on a cane swayed in front of her, so I got up and moved to the back of the bus. Especially in the Loin, there are a lot of elderly and disabled riding MUNI. So please, peeps, be aware. Look around. And if you can spare a seat, all the better.