So, here we have a conundrum in that within a very small radius, we have three Mexican joints and they all have some variation of the Spanish word for “castle” in the name whether it be “castillo” or the diminutive, “castillito”. And no, they’re apparently not owned by the same people. Someone out there probably knows who the original was, but as it sits, we have Taqueria Castillo B at 86 McAllister St.

Then there’s El Castillito Taqueria at 250 Golden Gate Ave. This is of course Home of the $0.99 taco which might ply well with those who miss trips to Tijuana.

Lastly there is Taqueria el Castillito at 370 Golden Gate Ave. Here we have the home of “jugos naturales” or “natural juices” for those who… I have no idea… like juices that are natural?

The end result is something out of the Twilight Zone as you can walk in to one joint that says Castillito on the front and think, “Hmm, not quite how I remember, but still divey enough that it’s probably the spot.” There’s a lot of randomness that happens in this isosceles pointed hood, such as when we went to El Castillito Taqueria thinking that it was Taqueria el Castillito. We asked them if they had remodeled and they said that they had. We went along with it until we walked up the street and saw Taqueria el Castillito by Morty’s. That threw us for a loop. Of course the end result was still delicious:

All hail the MiniTender of The Castle Triangle!