The director of Public Relations at the Art Institute of California in San Francisco sent us an interesting press release the other day. They’re inviting people to go see artist Mike Kershnar create a mural from today until this Friday in a hallway at The Art Institute of California at the UN Plaza (1130 Market Street). Here are the details for all of you street art fans out there (albeit institutionalized street art):

Artist Mike Kershnar, an internationally recognized painter and illustrator with deep roots in skateboard and street art, will paint a mural at The Art Institute of California – San Francisco. The four day project on The Art Institute campus will be on an enclosed hallway facing the United Nations Plaza. The piece will be created with spray cans, mops, streakers and markers and we are inviting the public to come down to watch Mike in action.

The piece is a narrative that will feature the lifecycle of a hummingbird, including tree, nest, birth, flight, death, decomposition and renewal.

“It is the classic story of change, vision, death and rebirth,” Kershnar said, “told through the story of one of the Creator’s most bejeweled pollinators, the hummingbird.”

Kershnar has been creating art across America, Holland, Portugal, Germany and Russia. He has previously created art pieces and installations in partnership with Element, Toy Machine, Baker, Obey and Volcom, in addition to bands and musicians such as Morrissey, Wilco, Beastie Boys and Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead.

This passionate, self taught artist has been mentored by some of the biggest names in art, including Mike Giant and Shepard Fairey. Kershnar wants his work to portray a spiritual connection to the viewer pulling from a wide range of aesthetics, including Indigenous Traditions, Tibetan Buddhist, Byzantine, Semitic, Americana mythos. “Each piece is an attempt to address some inner struggle that we all face on our journey towards grace,” Kershnar said. “I hope this
piece can uplift the spirits of any who pass by as they walk onto the Plaza.”

We’ll check it out later and report back.