Rendering of 620 Jones from above

Friday evening the semi-finished restaurant and lounge at 620 Jones named, wait for it, 620 Jones had a little open house for locals, especially neighbors, so I went to take a look. Adjacent to the Gaylord Hotel, the 620 space will consist of two bars, indoor and outdoor, with seating in both areas. My main concern last time I looked at the 620 plans (pictured above) were that it would be freakin’ cold. Luckily for my ass, the day of the preview was a balmy 80 degrees. Though I was relieved when co-manager Jordan told me heat-lamps strung across the outdoor area would solve this problem as the weather got colder.

Altogether, 620 Jones has been under construction for 9 months and is scheduled to have its grand opening around October 8. And although the space is still very unfinished (indoor restaurant and bar area is still under heavy construction, as you can see in the picture below) at first glance it looks promising. If you want to get a general idea, I recommend taking a look at this virtual tour. For now there are square, concrete planters in the outdoor area which will later have seating affixed to them. The developers have used drought-tolerant grasses and shrubs for decoration, and there are even a few wilted trees valiantly fighting to survive in the shadow of the Gaylord. But while I liked the plants, I’m not a big fan of all the rough, “urban” style concrete the developers used. The entire wall behind the outdoor bar is plain, old grey concrete and will stay that way.

I also wasn’t a huge fan of the crowd I saw at the preview–FiDi clones complete with dress slacks, slicked-back hair, and shiny shoes– not exactly my kind of crowd. I really have no idea who would actually go to 620 on a regular basis. Could be a nice spot if the crowd was fun, but that’s hard to predict. I did like how the terrace looked out onto Geary rather than Jones, and one of the developers told me that the project was using solar panels for power, had its own compost pile (though, isn’t that required in SF now?), and was participating in some other green initiatives.

Basically the space still has so much to accomplish before it opens October 8 that it’s hard to say how swank it’ll be, what the menu will look like, or what the 620 Jones lounge experience will actually be. I’ll be there October 8, and I’m expecting anything. In the meantime, you can keep an eye on the 620 Jones developments via their twitter or Facebook, of course.

Update 9/28

Although 620 Jones is set to open on October 8 and the works look far from being finished, we discover today via SF Station that on Saturday they’ll already be hosting a party. More specifically, a Silent Frisco dance party in their outdoor garden, which they call a tribute to the LoveEvolution party that was supposed to happen on that date.

Looking from finished restaurant onto terrace