In years past when Oracle’s OpenWorld stayed down at Moscone, you would only see the “Orons” up in our hood when they took their massive shuttle buses six blocks from the Center to the Hilton. This year, oh lucky us, they took over a block on Mason street as well with some kind of tent. This allowed the stream of Oronitude to flow up to our lovely Loin blocks. Of course it is true that it probably did wonders for the prostitution industry as a lot of the geeks at this thing looked pretty hard up for dates.

As a down side, it makes traffic horrible, disrupts the already screwy Muni bus lines (we’re looking at you, 27), fills up all our dining and drinking establishments with badge-wearing Oron-speak, and just generally makes the downtown unlivable for the week or so of its duration each year.

Our almighty leaders claim that it brings a ton of money in to the city and obviously we need that to pay for our social program habit that seems to have the same outward appearance as a heroine addiction at times. It’s just that Moscone was built for this sort of thing and we’re thrilled to have it down there in the SOMA land. So, who let the Orons out of SOMA and defiled this perfectly livable situation?

Fortunately, this ends today. So, dear Loiners, rejoice (and get drunk).