Seeing as how we showcased their cute dogs a couple days ago and how they got in on Park(ing) day, are mighty popular and we wrote about them a year ago we thought that yes, in between regular nosh and sip visits to farm:table, it was time to see what they’re up to in their second year here. In short: holy crap a lot. No, seriously, you’d think 10 people were running this little neighborhood spot.

So, it’s been year:two for awhile now and you can feel that they’ve become a definitive part of the neighborhood. While the customers that keep coming back are the locals, they had a huge slosh of folks come in from their stellar Yelp reviews, although most people didn’t get it. Yeah, it’s a small place. Yeah, the coffee isn’t a dollar. But, it has a truly awesome vibe. It’s a local spot. And most importantly, the coffee is superior to most anything you’ll find around with the exception of a couple new places that have opened up recently, albeit many blocks away.

Word has gotten around to the bigger magazines (and by bigger I mean those that have actual circulation, not 7×7). As such, apparently San Francisco magazine came by for an interview and a photo shoot when Kate & Shannon weren’t around. The results might be well, weird and so if you see a slew of Marina-types popping in next month, you’ll know why. Otherwise, we’ll wait until the article comes out to pass more than our fleeting and very pissy, I-talk-out-of-my-ass blogger judgement.

Oh let’s see, then there’s… well, there’s the CSA box that they want to start doing on a monthly basis, including some of the stuff from their local providers. Also, they’ve put a beehive up on their roof to start producing their own honey. You might be thinking, “Pfft, that’s loony speak”, but actually, it’s not. Bees raised in the urban environment are actually getting to be quite popular and as shown in Paris, they produce more honey than their rural counterparts.

Beyond honey though, it appears that they want to raise hops to make their own beer, although the jury is still out on how that’s going to come about given that amber waves of grain aren’t the easiest thing to grow in the space provided here. But, the CSA is really a cool idea and they’re working to make it available starting next month to include various other gourmet items such as McQuade’s Chutney. We totally support this box (we have already pledged to sign up as soon as it’s available), and even suggested they call it the “farm:box” although we’re the first to admit that something better might some along.

Then there are the new art shows (I think they’ve done two so far). “Oh, but how do they do art shows with such a compact space?”, you may ask. Simple. Only once a month, usually on a Friday, they do one piece (such as the one pictured above, by Parker Tilghman), on one wall, for one night. Cool concept.

This is about as brief an overview of all the things these two are working on and despite the fact that you know they put in long days to make this business work so well, you get energized being around them. To that end, we even have a little something that we’re working on them with, but it’s very hush hush at the moment. For now, enjoy farm:table, follow their daily menus on Twitter and take pride in the fact that we have so many great neighborhood spots opening up around us.