Pagolac was one of the first places that we became really addicted to in the neighborhood a couple of years ago. In spite of its popularity and the often long waits to get a table on any given day, the tastiness of the food, affordability and extreme friendliness of everyone working there (I think related to each other in one way or another) made it completely worthy. Also, when having friends or relatives visiting from out of town the “7 flavors of beef” was always a winner. Back in those days, their pink awning featured a laughing cow that always made me happy, and at the same time wonder if they had recycled it from a cheese store.

Now the long lines seem to have disappeared, although the last time we checked, the food was as tasty as it’s always been. A friend suggested the economic crisis as the reason for the quieter dining room, but I think it’s because the laughing cow is gone. Now, instead, there’s a much more classy logo that matches their menu, business cards, and the interior which once having been remodeled a couple years back was when all the busyness started in the first place.