Sure, it’s easy to toss a couple of cheapish curry packets in your cart when shopping at Trader Joe’s. It’s even easier to just go out to any one of the awesome Indian joints we have in the Tenderloin. But, there are those days when you’re staying in and want to cook up something different than “artisan” ramen. This, tender friends, is where New India Bazar at 1107 Polk Street comes in.

We were put off by the place for some time as there are a lot of trinkets in the front windows which make it easy to overlook as a serious Indian market, but once you get past all of that, oh mother of Ganesh, it’s fantastic. There are your dals and you curries as well as your rotis and your naans (which are apparently made by Maharani around the corner). Basically, everything you could ever want in the way of Indian spice-supplemented dishes for the home.

But the best part is that they don’t just stop there. No, they’ve got tea and piles of it. As a big tea drinker, this is a dream come true since there are all these schmancy teas that cost a fortune these days. Sometimes, I just want a simple, cheap cup of brown joy to see my morning on its merry way and that’s what they’ve got.

Oh, but they have interesting things too, like the jalapeno chakri you see above. There’s also a fridge full of all kinds of tempting pre-made items for the lazy at heart. And don’t forget the Bollywood movies. Those are in dashing supply, as well as the fact that they seem to always have one playing on the flatscreen in the back of the shop to add character.

Essentially, this is awesome and it’s going to take a long time to get through all of these goodies. If you’re feeling Indian, it’s the place in our hood to go.