As mentioned yesterday, we decided to participate in this year’s Park(ing) Day to promote green spaces in the city.

For purely practical (and delicious) purposes, we set it up in front of one of our favorite coffee shops in the neighborhood, Hooker’s Sweat Treats (whose owner immediately loved the idea when we proposed it to him). The whole parklet was built thanks to the Tenderloin National Forest, who graciously loaned some of their plants and wheelbarrows, as well as chairs. Basically, the only thing we contributed were the Ikea stools from my hallway (very popular with other parklets too), the paper parasol from Chinatown and the sunflowers–which actually ended up being courtesy of Ann’s Flowers who said they were too old to sell. I did, however, bring the pot for them…).

Until about 2pm I was pretty bored since the weather was really shitty. So, sitting outside was really a challenge, even for fog habituated San Franciscans. At one point it was even raining and I had to hang out inside of Hooker’s. Fortunately, in the afternoon a few photographers (hi Alyssa) and Tenderblog friends started showing up. Appearances included Mike of the Civic Center blog or Jam Hands aka Ukulele Girl, both pictured above with me and two other random dudes.

In this picture you can see Nina, who just started another neighborhood blog named Loin Life and Mrs Delicious, who writes a very saliva-inducing blog. A few other random passersby, coffee drinkers and Tenderblog readers also stopped in to say hello, which I enjoyed a great deal (especially when it was gray and cold). One even promised to send some stories to be published (nudge, nudge, Adam).

Since I spent all day sitting in our parklet, I didn’t get the chance the go around much to check out some other ones. But I did see that, after a bit of prodding from our side during the last couple of days, Farm:Table had one:

Also, when I went to get a delicious sandwich for lunch at Morty’s, I saw this other one by the Faithful Fools Street Ministry which was sort of a deconstructionist, modern creation it seems.

What other parklets did you guys see, and what were your favorites?