Now, this is just getting weird. This morning at Eddy & Leavenworth, I saw the SFPD trash truck making its rounds. Of course, I’ve seen this before and it’s weird. It must fall under some homeless cleanup thing that for some reason SFPD has to deal with instead of the Recology garbage trucks. Naturally, this shot got me yelled at by some dude living up the corner life who didn’t approve of taking photos with a phone, but c’est la vie.

It appears that in some subtle way, Recology isn’t happy about SFPD encroaching on their turf. Just a couple days ago, at Hyde & Turk, evarels saw a garbage truck smash in to a parked police cruiser. Obviously, the cops were not the least bit happy about their new, massive dent, but I think that the message was sent loud and clear.