Thanks to a friend who gave me a free ticket (I love freebies), I spent Saturday afternoon strolling around the SFMOMA collection. Of course, I enjoyed a great deal of the works, but this one in particular by John Harding caught my eye because of its Tenderloininess:

The brown bricks seemed familiar, but it wasn’t until I walked back home and I saw this corner, that I realized they are presently blue and the rocked-in window is an actual window again. Yes, the Hob Nob Lounge is now (as you probably already guessed/knew), the Angel Café. The picture is, of course, a lot less artistic than the one above, and also the angle is slightly different as Harding took his picture from a car. But, it’s still fun to compare the two, especially people’s clothing, which given the fact Harding’s shot is from 15 years ago, it looks like little has changed.

By the way, does anyone remember the Hob Nob Lounge? Did you like it?