For those of you who are unaware, Sexy Nurse and Oh Shit, What Am I Going to Wear with Sexy Nurse Day is coming in a few scant weeks. Yes, that’s right, Halloween is soon to wash up upon our shores and it appears that Post Street has become a hub of Sexy Nurse outfits, which is ironic given the fact that Mitchell Brothers and New Century provide it year round.

Naturally, as you can see above, SF Party appears to be ready. But, as a silver lining to our crap economy, the (what will be for years) empty storefront where Circuit City was is now headquartering the seasonal Halloween store. Surely you know this one, or ones like it. They’re sorta like that a guy who keeps getting out of jail and trying to date your sister, in that this thing comes back each year, opening in an empty space for two months to sell a shit tonne of Sexy Nurse outfits and then vanish on November 1st.

Just remember ladies that whether it be police officer, Catholic school girl, cheerleader, or yes, nurse, I love a woman in uniform–sexy uniform that is. Rar.

Disclaimer: As is the case with every Halloween, I will be staying in and going to bed early. This is because I’m too old for that shit, am not cool, and Sexy Nurse outfits do not flatter my ass whatsoever.