The Fringe Theatre Festival started last night, so this morning instead of working, I was going through the 43 different shows trying to decide which ones to go see. Being illiterate in theater, I didn’t know any of the performers or authors of the plays, and many of the shows sounded interesting. Choosing is going to be a nightmare, I thought. Fortunately, a lovely woman named Annie Paladino sent us an email suggesting we go see her show, ‘Dreama’. The poster shows a banana and bananas are so useful in so many ways, so it must be awesome, I thought.

Here’s what her website says about ‘Dreama’:

Dion McGregor talked in his sleep.

…well, “talked” might be somewhat of an understatement.

Recorded by his roommate in the 1960s, Mcgregor’s incredibly detailed, nuanced, and often outrageous somniloquies (like this one) are the “text” for DREAMA, an original solo performance conceived and developed by Annie Paladino. Weaving together an exact vocal reproduction of Dion’s dreams with an original, experimental staging, DREAMA invites you to delve deep into the dream world–always surprising, sometimes hilarious, and often terrifying.

Aren’t you intrigued? We sure are, so we asked Annie if she’d be willing to give some away free tickets for our awesome Tender readers to see ‘Dreama‘ at the Fringe Festival. It’s showing tonight at 7, next Tuesday at 10pm, as well as Saturday and Sunday the following weekend.

So if you’re interested in attending this dreamy performance for free, just leave us a comment below. The first commenters (or best, depending on how many we get) will be hooked up with free tickets next week! (sorry, too short notice for tonight). Or if you like paying for your theatre tickets and mooching horrifies you, you can always buy them here. They’re quite affordable for the all the shows, so don’t be scared about also checking out a few performances beyond this one.

Also, Annie says feel free to ask questions, express outrage, or just leave her a note on her blog. Or in person at the Fringe. She’d love that.