A couple of weeks ago we brought you pictures of a new mural in the neighborhood that was in progress. Back then we couldn’t track the artist down, but we guessed it would be called Heart of San Francisco. About a week ago we finally met him, and he told us he hadn’t decided on a title yet. Two days ago, we saw him again, putting the last finishing touches on his work, and guess what? He decided to actually name the mural ‘Heart of San Francisco’.

His name is Andre Willmore but he’s known simply as Dray. He’s been living in San Francisco for the last couple of years, after living in LA and Las Vegas, and he’s done a lot of murals in the past – including one for another Indian restaurant near Montgomery. I guess he likes Indian food… He told us one day he was walking down Polk and saw that empty wall, looking like it needed some art on it. So he contacted the owner of Maharani Restaurant to offer his services, since the wall is part of the back dining room of this delicious establishment. We don’t know the details of the transaction, but the owner immediately accepted so now we can enjoy a nice mural instead of an ugly white wall.

Dray says his work is influenced by DeKooning, Rauschenberg, Basquiat and Picasso. And since it looks like he just re-did his website, which now has a more extensive gallery of his works, you’ll have to check it out to see if you can see those influences.

In the meantime, you can admire the finished ‘Heart of San Francisco’ piece on Polk at Post, before it starts getting tagged or otherwise defiled.