As mentioned earlier, our lazy tender asses don’t really go to the theater very much. But this is about to change with the start of the Fringe Festival tonight, for which we got some discounted tickets. In any case, all shows (and there’s 43 different ones!) cost $10 or less, with inexpensive multi-show passes available too. As said by SF Station, it’s a “a cornucopia of unique, uncensored independent theatre” that you guys can’t miss.

Tonight you have 11 different shows to choose from, in 4 different stages, all equally intriguing. Some newsletter we received (I can’t remember which one, we’re subscribed to so many!), wrote:

The San Francisco Fringe Festival is back, bringing 40 different theatre performances that are rare, raw, raucous, and remarkable to San Francisco from today to September 19. A theatre troupe from the island of Mauritius with a show about forced migration? Yup. A theatre group from LA performing real, rejected Hollywood scripts? Check. Walt Whitman’s erotic writings at the F-Market Muni Turnaround? You betcha.

Did someone mention Muni? You guys can’t miss that.

Some Fringe Background

The original Fringe Festival began in Edinburgh, Scotland, nearly 60 years ago, and has since become an international phenomenon. Fringe Festivals currently bring cutting-edge theatre to more than twenty cities across the U.S. and Canada, as well as in Europe and Asia. San Francisco’s is the second oldest in the U.S. Traditionally, international performers appear at the San Francisco festival, many of them having appeared at other Fringes, such as Toronto, Edinburgh, and Prague.

About EXIT Theatre

EXIT Theatre produces the San Francisco Fringe Festival. 2010 will mark the 19th annual San Francisco Fringe Festival, with productions from the Bay Area, the US, and Canada.

Each year, EXIT Theatre presents over 500 performances of some 100 productions by more than 75 companies and is one of San Francisco’s most successful and enduring centers of alternative performance. The EXIT Theatreplex includes EXIT Theatre, EXIT Stage Left, the new EXIT Studio, and EXIT Café at 156 Eddy Street, and EXIT on Taylor, around the corner at 277 Taylor Street, all in Downtown San Francisco. Yes, all Loin, all the time.