Where Larry Harvey and Sixth Street meet (composite from Burning Man blog & Google Street View)

Yesterday, Burning Man finished up another year. For those that attended, they are undoubtedly already starting their plans for next year while nursing sun and other anatomical “burns”. For those who did not attend, the once-a-year opportunity to try out Mission & Haight hot spots has passed (Steve should have realized.)

Amidst all the articles that are bound to come this week about how it “changed my life” or “I’m so totally moving to San Francisco now” or “I’m so totally moving to New York now because my Burner roommate won’t shut up about it and the apartment is full of this shit Playa dust” there on the Burning Man blog was an interesting article entitled, State of the Man. Most people are focusing on the fact that Burning Man LLC is finally going to shift to being a non-profit enterprise, which is one of those, “it’s about time” kind of moments. Something that really hasn’t been hit upon (yet) is the location of where they plan to be based in the future, which is somewhere along the 6th Street, Mid-Market corridor.

Obviously, most people outside the area would ask, “Why?” but it makes a good deal of sense due to it being a neighborhood in San Francisco that is in pathetic shape and is currently being locked down by the homeless/advocate industry to create the stagnation in development that you see. A Burning Man arts center would add a stabilizing element that would bring an interesting, eclectic flow of people to the area, albeit a mostly white one initially.

Short of tossing out the current residents of the Mid-Market area, this is one way to improve the area and bring in non-charity based money, that would branch out to grow other businesses. I’ve said it before, but the only way that the Tenderloin is going to grow is a break-out of the lock these certain groups have has upon it for the last two decades. And while I don’t really believe in Burning Man, I do believe in this.