In case you haven’t noticed, the New York Times has a major hard-on for San Francisco style stories. Maybe it’s because the city is on the list of Things White People Like. Or maybe San Francisco is seen as a fresh alternative to Brooklyn  for the newspaper’s inevitably outdated “what the kids are up to” trend pieces. This piece in the Times is a pretty good example of the genre. Written by Guy Trebay, the article professes to explore San Francisco fashion. And by “fashion” it means hipsters in the Mission wearing high-waisted jeans over bathing suits.

Several SF neighborhoods get mentioned in the piece, including Hayes Valley, the Castro, the Haight, and Pacific Heights. Of the Tenderloin or Tendernob? Not a whisper. This is too bad, as Tenderloin certainly has some innovative fashion, whether it comes from Project Runway designer Christopher Collins or the high-heeled trans gals strutting down Polk Street. As a sign of how out of touch Trebay is, he chose to interview an administrator at the Academy of Art’s fashion department. Academy of Art is one of the largest landlords in the city and is perhaps better known in San Francisco for being a diploma mill for starry-eyed, high-paying, international students than a quality educational institute. It’s not even clear if their main fashion program (they offer another fashion degree online) is accredited. The only (maybe) good thing about Trebay mentioning the AoA is that many of their students do live in the Tendernob, but whether they’ll ever work in fashion, or write about it, is anyone’s guess.