Seems like everyday in the Tendernob there’s some new teeny shop opening up. Just today, I noticed a dark-haired gal setting up a shop called Sportique around 810 Sutter Street, between the HUF skate shop and the Silverman art gallery.

Previously, the space (which is seriously the size of my bedroom) held some kind of weird clothing store that never had more than one rack in it at a time. Sportique isn’t open yet, but from what I can see it’s basically a boutique-y version of REI. They carry polarized sunglasses, canteens, fleeces, hoodies, t-shirts with graphic prints, and outdoorsy jackets by Helly Hansen. I’ll stop back by tomorrow to get a better look, and maybe I’ll be able to talk to some staff. As I passed by today, the shop girl was still literally unpacking boxes of merchandise and hadn’t even gotten to folding all of it yet. So far though, the store looks welcoming and even though I’m not an outdoors kinda gal, I liked the stuff they had. Bienvenue, Sportique, and à demain!