At Tendernights, we were pretty stoked that the loin was there selling their wares. We were even more stoked that they were able to print up Tenderblog t-shirts which we were running around in. Some of you even bought them and are wearing them around the hood. All solid. All good.

For those of you who might have missed out on getting one of these magnificent specimens of clothing, you shall remain missed outteth no more for they are now for sale in black, gray, and army. If you were smart, you’d get all three in a whole variety of sizes since they’re 100% cotton, screened here and just $15, which in today’s tee couture market is a freakin’ steal.

And let me emphasize that in buying one of these tees, you’re not only fronting your Tenderloin/blog pride, but also supporting a local business. This does a helluva lot more for this neighborhood than financially dead-end museums which is why we’re super behind this. That and the fact that the shirts and you, dear TenderReaders, are cool.

(While you’re at it, get a hoodie too. When I wear mine to meetings at the office, those effin’ meetings are adjourned if you get my drift, which I don’t even think I do.)