Now, I understand that some of the gang at El Tesoro might not be eligible to vote, but I can’t help to wonder if they’re hedging their bets in the upcoming District 6 election or don’t get how endorsing generally works? One might say, “Oh, but you can’t endorse two candidates.” Guess what, they just did. Suck on that what-may-seem-to-be-common-sense!

While they’re at it, they might as well put up the other 12 and go for broke on the deal. These guys are on to something. Something big. Endorse. Everyone. Maybe we should take their lead somehow on Tenderblog. Food for thought. Oh, on that note, I shall never stray from thee again mighty Tesoro, unless of course I’m at 24th and Mission and Farolito is open, which… it pretty much always is.