I never have coffee or any other drinks to-go as if I’m in a hurry I just sit down for 5 min, drink, and then go. So one of my pet peeves is places that give you paper or plastic cups even when you emphasize that you’re going to drink it there. And it bothers me even more when I see that they have actual non-disposable cups hidden behind the counter. This is enough for me to X-list a place, as I find this practice unacceptable in such an environmentally-aware city as San Francisco, where plastic bags are not allowed, composting is compulsory and the city has detailed guides on what green products people should by. Beyond the green side of things, using paper/plastic cups also interferes with the taste of the drink. Even if it’s in a minor way, for places that pride themselves in having amazing gourmet coffee it’s a baffling issue.

So what’s up with you, coffeeshop owners and baristas of San Francisco? Why are you so fond of using paper and plastic? Are you allergic to dishwashing or what? Would you toss out your cups and plates from every meal at home? Maybe some of you do, which is kinda terrifying.

Pictured here you can see the waste produced by a meeting hiphapa, humin and I had the other day at Jebena (at least the plate was not throw-away, I guess it could have been worse). And as much as I love Little Bird, I also have to point a finger at them as one of the offenders in this despicable disposable cup trend. If you don’t want to be green, then at least be smart about your money. If I’m eating in, give me the option of a proper ceramic or glass cup so that you don’t have to buy new cups all the time, thus saving money for your business.

Anyways, back to our regularly scheduled Loin…