We love Hemlock Tavern, we love Jam Hands, we love Vegansaurus, we love cupcakes and we love bad music. That last one is not exactly true, but you should still check out Dinosaur Bicycle’s concert concert tonight because it has all these ingredients and they have an awesome name. AND it’s to help a cute dog named Hazel get surgery. And if there’s something that we love even more than all those things above, it’s cute doggies. So we’re totally there tonight at 9. And so should you. What else are you going to do on a Sunday night?

In case we weren’t convincing enough, here’s Vegansaurus compelling promo for the concert:

My band (that’s right, I said BAND, I am in a BAND because I am VERY MUSICALLY TALENTED), Dino Bike, is playing at Hemlock Tavern on Sunday, Aug. 29. We do amazing shit like medleys from Top Gun and throw vegan cupcakes into the audience. Also, there might be some stripping involved and playing of cow bell by Leanne from Vaute Couture! OH and our opening band, Red Light Circuit. Oh, they’re just OPENING FOR HANSON NEXT MONTH. That’s all.


Every penny raised will go to help pay for TPLO surgery for my dog, Hazel, who is the most beautiful, wonderful, perfect pit bull in all the land and also, ONE EXPENSIVE BITCH! This year on self-care, I’ve spent about $5 (showers are for fools! I will not conform to society’s arbitrary standards for hygiene!) and on Hazel-care, about $6,000. So anyway, the show is only five bucks and you’re gonna get some vegan treats out of it (uh… anyone want to bake??) and I’ll pass around donation jars and you might get to see some bazoongas. Not a bad deal, at all!

Also, Jonas from Vegansaurus is in the band, and Jordan is maybe in the band. So really, it’s a Vegansaurus spectacular! And I’m gonna write this all up in The Bold Italic so if you come and make a big enough scene, your name will be in print!

Now, please, RSVP, s’il vous plaît!

A Top Gun medley, seriously? How could we miss that!