Here’s one for you: What has 100 feet and stands? All of the Northeastern firefighters watching four guys go in the Avalon Apartment building at 965 Sutter Street and put out a fire in what appeared to be the third and fourth floors (given that the first floor is the lobby).

You know that when you hear one siren and then another and then another that it’s not just the firefighters going out on a drunk-fall-down pickup call. No, in this case at about 1PM, what appeared to be at least 15 SFFD vehicles quickly surrounded the Avalon building just shortly after I had smelled smoke from mine. In addition to this, police cordoned off Sutter Street from Jones to Hyde.

No idea as to what caused the fire and from my (and 100 of so other people’s) vantage from down on the street, it looked like no one was at home and there were moving boxes in the apartment. I could be wrong as the massive dousing of water throughout that apartment and the one above it really blocked the view. Undoubtedly, more to come, but for now, check out the gallery below.

On a related note, down on O’Farrell, there was another apartment fire early this morning where a woman leapt to her death to escape it. Definitely not the calmest night of sleep for our firefighters in the hood…