Coming back home after meeting up with hiphpapa at Jebena, we saw this mural in progress on Polk Street between Post and Hemlock. There was a nice chair facing it, as well as painting supplies around it, but no artist to be interrogated. We took the opportunity to do some shopping at the awesome New India Bazar next door. Even after picking up a stash of tea and aloo parathas, the artist was nowhere to be seen. So all we can say about this cool new mural is that it looks like it has an “I left my heart in San Francisco” theme. Although we could be wrong and it’s, “I never forget my chakra anywhere”.

We can’t wait to see it finished, and hopefully not pissed upon by striped-shirts or punks as there are a couple of popular bars in the vicinity. In the meantime, you can get a closer view of this work in progress here. We’ll continue stalking the artist in the next days. Stay tuned.