I supposed that I’m blessed to have something of a “balcony” at my apartment which as any of us know is code for “secluded fire escape you toss a chair on”. It’s actually quite nice when the weather is warm and despite technically not being allowed to have anything out on it, this has become my nook for morning or evening noshment if the weather is warm and allows for outdoor seating.

It’s always been something of a mystery to me as to why our homes have very few actual balconies. Not only in San Francisco, which as we all know has summers that are the coldest winters you can spend anywhere (sit down Siberia), but California at large. Given our supposed Mediterranean climate (which in the Central Valley is more of a Saharan climate) you’d think a nice little space outside would be standard. But, no, we are relegated to viewing pleasant days from the sparse outside seating available at the likes of Starbucks instead.

Ah, as a sidenote to this, it appears that Little Bird is very soon going to have outdoor seating as well.