Maps are fun. Maps are cool. Maps are also compiled quite heavily by the San Francisco Planning Department. They’ve got just about everything you can imagine there including the Excellent Street View Map. Check out that cartographic gem in case you’re sitting on your chaise longue, back of the hand to your forehead proclaiming, “For my day is distraught. Where, but where are the good views in this fine city?” Of course in the Loin, there is only one:

And in case you’re looking at that and thinking, “Huh? You can’t see Alcatraz, the Golden Gate, or even a pride flag in The Castro from there, what gives?”, it’s because it provides one of the more scenic San Francisco vistas: Newsom’s Hair. Although this site may more commonly be known as City Hall. And that’s it, our one Scenic View in the Loin. Enjoy!