While it’s true that there is a constant push to name a “Theater District” in Downtown SF, it’s much that case that along with the “Union Square Hotel District”, most all of the downtown theaters and performance venues are in the Tenderloin. We have to admit that we really don’t get out much. Well, we get out to eat, but our performing arts intake is pretty pathetic. That’s why we’re putting out the call for anyone who would like to help cover the theater scene in this neighborhood.

Between the EXIT (where a number of groups, including Cutting Ball perform), ACT, Curran, Golden Gate, Orpheum, Phoenix (where Chinese Ballroom oft performs), and Post Street this contributor would have their enjoyable work cut out for them. What would this pay? Based upon the high-end salaries we Tenderblog authors earn (currently less than $0.00 annually), you can be rest-assured that it would be commensurate to what we earn.

Seriously though, if you want more known about SF theater, contact us and let’s work something out.