I came across the local blog Garden Lust the other day, browsing for pics of the Tenderloin. I think the author of the blog got it right when he wrote:

Although the Tenderloin is trending toward gentrification you can still find those yet to be discovered eateries and soon to be hip, but raunchy bars as well as a multitude of independently owned stores and great live music… You have to hunt a little harder for your treasures in the ‘Loin, but in a city increasingly headed toward high-end everything, it’s a small price to pay.

My thoughts exactly. The Tenderloin isn’t all pretty and Disneyfied like the Marina, and I wouldn’t want it to be. It has its own gritty charm and is one of the few affordable neighborhoods left in the city. I probably shouldn’t say this (to deter the yuppie hordes) but it’s a pretty great neighborhood to call home.

Except of course, when it’s 100 freakin’ degrees and your steam radiator won’t turn off. Right now the heat’s making me pretty bitchy, kind of like, well, a bitch in heat (see below). But yeah, when the Tenderloin’s in the double-digit temperatures, it rocks. Thanks, Garden Lust.