I’m going to go out on a hydraulic handicap loader and say that the new bus shelters are pretty awesome. Of course, it’s most likely the case that I’m just really, really tired of the old ones as I think they’ve been in place since I was born. I mean they looked pretty old in 1986 in Star Trek IV and… holy crap, I just made a Star Trek reference. Sorry.

Anyways, new is good, yet also confusing as in, how on earth are they figuring out the deployment pattern on these things? There’s the really nice new ones at Geary and Leavenworth (this happening corner), but then they go no further up. There’s one at Sutter & Van Ness, but then none the rest of the way down Sutter. I don’t think that Post has any at all and other streets down towards Market are spotty at best, yet I admit I’ve yet to walk every street in the Loin in search of new bush shelters. If someone else feels like this, let me know what you find. I’ll probably be eating in the meantime.

But from a practical standpoint, one of the things that’s going to be a real advantage of these is the fact that there is less glass in them. The days of playing, “smash the shelter” will hopefully diminish a great deal and I can’t even imagine what it must have cost the city to put in new safety glass each time one of those panes went. Obviously, it’s a shame that to get these new shelters, city administration had to sell out to Clear Channel, but I suppose that’s the price of newness in our mighty broke city. For what’s it worth, the industrial styling fits in pretty nicely amongst the urbanity of the Loin, although others may disagree?