It’s well-known that here at The Tender we have a soft spot for dogs, cats, and well, cute pets in general. In spite of the lack of parks and green areas in the Tenderloin, there are plenty of friendly little boogers being walked around for us to harass with our cameras. One such subject was Honey, this pretty little lady whom we encountered on a rare sunny morning last week. We were sitting at the Tenderloin National Forest for a couple of hours interviewing someone (more on that later), and she kept providing cute distraction chasing around all the dogs and people in sight while her owner was chilling under the sun.

Her owner was so proud and happy when we took Honey’s photo, that he insisted on posing with her. He called her honey, but also sweetie, mama, and baby. Isn’t this true love?

Don’t y’all want to have your own sweet mama or your own lover boy as well? You should take a look at all these little guys in need of a home. And one of them, Goose, almost looks like Honey.